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Coal In Their Veins

'Coal In Their Veins' is a short drama story set after the closure of the coal mines in Yorkshire, where many communities were plagued by an epidemic of heroin use. Based on real events, the film intimately portrays the personal struggle a mother endures by living with her heroin-addicted son.


ORA Films focuses on life changing stories.

Established in Leeds, we are a multi-award-winning boutique production house with awards and selections from Diversity In Cannes (Director's Choice Award), Berkshire International Film Festival and LA Short Film Awards, amongst many others.

ORA Films focuses on bringing awareness to topics that are often untold or unspoken, shining light on challenging, female-driven life stories. Our films explore and deal with losses and hardships which can often be too much to bear. Yet we aim to show, through courage and inner strength, that we can bring positive change to our lives in spite of such difficulty.

To create and share these stories, we bring together some of the best like-minded people working in the industy, both locally and internationally.

Dalit Merhav
Founder of Ora Films

‘An extremely accomplished directorial debut, it will be interesting to see what Merhav does next’ (Yorkshire Post Review - Coal In Their Veins 4/5)

Dalit Merhav is a director who is making waves in the film festival scene with her first short film ‘Coal In Their Veins’. She has won the Director’s Choice Awards at Diversity In Cannes as well as getting her film selected out of six international films to screen at BIFF (Berkshire International Film Festival). Most recently, Dalit has won 'Best Female Director' at the Rome Music Video Awards (2022).

Dalit began her career as a video editor in Tel Aviv, Israel at the age of 19 and quickly reached the top of her game, working on TV programmes and commercials. In 1995, Dalit relocated to London to continue her career in Soho as a music video editor, working on videos for artists including Travis, UB40, and the award-winning video 'Brown Paper Bag' for Roni Size.

With a growing passion for editing films, Dalit completed two short films but decided to hold on pursuing this further as she had a young family.

In 2000, she relocated to Yorkshire working with Yorkshire Television and numerous indie production companies such as True North Productions and Chameleon Television.

In 2007 Dalit set up successful music production company, 'The Firm Music', supplying music to Universal Music, Sony and BMG. Yet, all the while, her heart remained in TV and film.

Presently, Dalit has returned to her passion and dream by establishing ORA Films, focusing on telling life-changing stories.



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Coal In Their Veins

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